Improved collaboration and sharing : source of efficiency and innovation

Aura Pro, a new generation of computer that instantly transforms all surfaces (tables, desks, walls, partitions...) into touch screens.


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Looking to improve the performance of your teams?

Increase efficiency by getting your meetings started faster and keeping participants focused.

Your organization needs more flexibility

Gain agility by facilitating exchanges, where you want, when you want.

Your team wants to optimize information sharing?

Engage your interlocutors by making them actors.

Real measurable gains for collaboration, for training and for customers

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Box Adok

2790€ HT - Made in France

What's in the Box ?

  • Adok Aura Pro
  • Licence Windows 10
  • Charger
  • Mat
  • Stickers

Frequently asked questions

What are the main characteristics?
Plug & Play
: no need for configuration.
Simple and intuitive: immediate handling and no need for accessories
Autonomous : runs on battery up to 2 hours of autonomy
Portable : just over 2 kg
Adaptable : a 38-inch image that can be resized
Compatible with all your applications

How is it different from an ordinary computer?
Adok Aura Pro is a standalone computer with a touch screen projection. Instead of having a screen, keyboard and mouse, all interactions occur on the projected surface. It has a Windows 10 operating system (or Android on demand) and, it is not a computer device. It's a new kind of computer. Work, share, collaborate!

Do I need to plug in my computer to use it?
Adok Aura Pro is a computer in itself, with a Windows 10 operating system (or Android on demand). So you don't have to connect a computer, but you can send documents, upload files, as you usually do with your computer.

How complicated is it to integrate Adok Aura Pro into my company's IT department?
Like any computer, Adok Aura Pro can be integrated into your company's IS. This is a new way to interact with content, but it is still a computer with a Windows 10 system ( or Android on demand).

What if I need a keyboard and a mouse?
Adok is made for tactile use. However, some applications may be more keyboard and mouse oriented. In this case, you have 2 options to connect: USB and Bluetooth.

Can I use it as a standard projector?
Adok Aura Pro is a computer and is therefore not designed to be used as a standard projector. However, you can distribute content via applications and project it onto walls and tables.

Who owns the user data?
You are the administrator of your Aura Pro computer. The data always remains the full property of the user, just like on any other computer that you can protect with a password.

The Adok Heroes Support team is at your disposal. In case of problems, contact us at and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Our mission

At Adok, we believe that the future of interaction lies in exchanges with others and not in the multiplication of screens or headsets that lock the user on himself.
We believe in creating tools that effectively connect users face to face. Tools that enhance rather than distract interactive experiences.That is why we are creating a technological revolution that will allow us to better interact with each other.

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